Am I finding my perfect guy yet?

Hi, just wondering where i can find a guy that fits all or most of these standars:

- fit/activ, no need for big muscles or six pack, but i work out a lot myself and would prefer someone who does that too
- atheist, anti-theist
- non smoker, doesn't use tobacco
- Same hight as me or taller(im 5'5)
- Cute
- Attentive
- Patience(im use a long time to open up to people)


Most Helpful Guy

  • You know your standards are low when a guy like me meets the requirements perfectly. Are you sure you don't want to raise the bar, just a little?

    • apparantly only half of my list came up lol there was at least 5 more requirements

    • Reveal them. It feels like I have the winning ticket.

Most Helpful Girl

  • A dating site? I don't know, but on there you can mention the things you just listed as requirements for a potential love interest.

    • i have tried most things... i guess im not suppose to date ;/

    • Don't say that. It's hard to find someone who truly adds something to your life. You're still young. Don't lose hope and stay open to love.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Oh right. I think you forgot to add that he also has to be successful (not super successful... just successful) and he has to have his own place and be able to take care of you well not completely just enough. He also has to be a real man but not a completely rough guy he also has to be sensitive enough to cuddle you when you need it.
    I'm sorry to be joking about this a little but do you see the paradox of your own question.
    I mean it's like saying oh why can't I meet a woman that's really nice and easy going to be with and can handle my activities and at the same time be able to handle my goofing off all the time and have lots of time to spend with me and not to forget be beautiful and shorter than me and a the same time be a dance or at least love dancing like I do and want to train with me so that she can be really really good. Well it's a joke it doesn't exist because I'll never be able to find somebody with all the qualities I described off hand. But I can meet a girl that first of I like. Meaning I hit it of with her for whatever reason witch tells me that I'm interested in getting to know this person better and if they're open enough we might hit it off in a lot of things and before I know it everything or most of what I would be looking for is right there because we were able to be open to each other and experience each others lives.
    And I'm sorry I'm not trying to come down on you hard I'm just trying to illustrate the funny way people look at things lately. I was doing the same thing until I stopped thinking what I wanted or wished just to realize that I found most of this in people all around me and even more.
    So good luck. :)

  • what do you mean by attentive? it's one thing to care about other people it's another to bend over backwards and lick their boots. At least for me I don't like being used.

    Guys are human too and tend not to be perfect.
    Also are you willing to forgo one or two of those things if a guy meats all the others?


What Girls Said 1

  • I would say the beach (for runners), the gym, meetup (it isn't a dating site but lets you meet people with like interest), or Okcupid (my friend is an atheist and met her current boyfriend on there).


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