Girls, is there such a thing as being way too repulsive?

Growing up, I've always found it hard to form any sort relationship with anyone; either a friend or something more. I've always feel as though, I was only being used and therefore, in time, people have always abandoned me when I needed them the most. I am only good to them when I am useful to them and mutuality does not exist in this friendship, and hence I became sort of a loner nowadays. To make matter worst, no matter how hard I try in the dating area, I've always found myself in the reject zone, or what you call it, a natural selection. No girls that I like are interested in me, and therefore, I have always been single all my life. I have even tried, but then again no one was really replying to me at all; even with just a simple hi or hello. The biggest flaw I have is that I lie a lot, and that is simply because I just can't accept myself or can't really share any experience to anyone I make connections with, and that because I have non. In addition, even though I am Filipino or Asian, I have never been attracted to any Asians whatsoever, I've always found myself attracted to Caucasian, specifically brunettes. The probable reason with that is probably because I just hate myself too much to actually like the same ethnicity as I am, therefore lies another problem. Moving on, the worst thing that happened to me is when I went to a bar to meet a friend, in which I came a little early so I sat down not necessarily next to this Asian girl, but an empty seat next to her. Without any restrain whatsoever she blurted out "You've got to be kidding me, you're like 70% of a man (I am 5'4", Asian, wear glasses), and you think you have a chance with this? You have a better chance of winning the lottery than a shot of taking me home tonight, Ughhh" She stormed out immediately, when all I really wanted was a simple drink by myself before my friend gets here. Therefore, I ask. Is some people simply meant to be alone or just way too repulsive for anyone? Please advise.
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  • For one, you're not repulsive. For two, that girl in the bar was a cunt and deserves to get punched in her grill. You made no advances at her and she had no room WHATSOEVER to act that way towards you. I think you have a few problems here. For one, as you stated, you're a liar. Every woman out there hates liars and believe it or not, we pick up on who and who isn't the liars very quickly. For two, you have zero self confidence. You hate yourself. No female will want to go out with a man who hates himself so much that he turns into a clingy creep when it comes to her. Women need someone who compliments their standards. An insecure man is not going to do that for her. And three, you are a loner. As you said in the description. Women tend to focus on groups of guys rather then the ones who are by themselves. Let's be real, women are bitches. We are judgmental. We have very high standards. Because while we are dating, we are really looking for a potential husband. Someone who would be a good father, has good work ethic, who can keep them laughing and this is a big one, someone who can take care of her when she can't take care of herself. Most women don't like a dependent man. Which is what you seem to be. My best advice to you would be to work on your self confidence. Start believing you are worth it and that you are an amazing person and women will start looking at you that way.

    • I'm actually not a dependent man, in fact, I maybe am too independent. I pretty much have everything I want in life, money, car, secure job, condo/house, a loving family and two real friends. However, without anybody to share these blessing with, I feel like there is a huge void in my life or emptiness. Not having anyone to share everything I am thankful for, make everything I have less significant. I would rather have been less successful in career wise, than to be alone.

    • But thank you for your insight, I needed to hear that. I'm actually starting to go to the gym via snap fit, so that I can somewhat feel good about myself and meet new people.

    • That's completely understandable hun. Without someone to share your accomplishments with, it kind of seems like its nothing, right? Like it was all wasted effort almost. I've been there. But my problem was the confidence. I mean, I could get men but couldn't keep them around. But once I worked on my confidence and realized I was worth it, that's when I started having men actually want to be with me. And now, I'm four years deep into a loving relationship and have two beautiful children. Work on your confidence. That will definitely make things soar. And also, when approaching girls, be funny. Girls can't resist a man that can make her laugh. Trust me.

  • Is there a thing as being way too repulsive? Yes. I don't know you but you don't seem to fit that mold. I agree with DessiDoo's advice to you. I don't have much to add besides saying that girl at the bar was a serious cunt.


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