Ended friendship with a guy I liked and he hurt me by saying that I didn't know him. Do you see any other reason appart from what I say on the detail?

He said I had feelings for him cause I idealized him. I responded that if I had idealized him I would have had sex with him a long time ago. Its clear that he just wants sex 100%. Before it was 90%. I had told him that I didn't want sex with him cause I liked him too much Not to care. He thinks that by debasing himself and that by devaluing himself i will want sex. The oposite is true and now Im pissed that he always underestimated me.

it hurts a lot that he thought that way and that he was getting even for me Not leating him have his way.


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  • The irony is if you just had sex with him before getting into an argument over it, you would both still be on good terms.


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