Is she crazy, or am I?

So we are both 17, and both turning 18 this month. We met not all that long ago at work, and being a quick mover on the first signs of flirting I got her number, but didn't do anything really right away, except talk here and there. She began displaying advanced signs of interest, like complimenting me (cute, handsome, sweet, kind, etc.), and asking when we could hang out. So we hung out Easter Sunday after both of our family dinners, and had a fantastic time, we were laughing, chemistry seemed great So then I took the lead, and commented her on her personality and looks. She replied the way I had hoped she would, all seemed great. We agreed to hang out again, but I am going on vacation so we couldn't do it this week.

Then she fires me a text late Monday night.... "I am not ready for a boyfriend, I know thats where this is headed and I am not ready. I just moved here not long ago, u are a great guy, but I ain't ready." So I figured "She must have been being some version of nice all along and I'm friendzoned, whatevs. Happens." So we worked together yesterday and she was like hanging all over me, even other workers noticed. When she first saw me she ran into a wall, then she looked at me (who was laughing uncontrollably) and said "I am a bit discombobulated, glad I was able to entertain you though." Off she goes.... She comes back, and just watches me, (I am a cook, so waitresses like to watch you if they aren't busy). I started getting really busy with orders and she says "Can u cook me something oh nevermind you are busy." She is acting frantic, which is weird for her. She can't think straight or something. So I said "Hey, I wm goi g to need some space here I am getting a lot of orders, and I am the only cook for another hour yet." She squeaked out "Oh sorry, I was just standing here awkwardly staring at you anyway." Off she goes.

She seems to be in love with me by her actions up to date. But her words tell me a different story. Any clu


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  • The whole "I'm not ready for a relationship" line is almost always a crock of shit. This could mean either one of two things. A) She either wants you to change her mind and is waiting to see if you will fight for it. Or B) She wants to get in your pants [based off of the flirty behavior] which will, probably, lead to a relationship anyways if the chemistry is there. I honestly would continue to go for it. Its obvious that she has a very huge attraction to you and you get her flustered. You're already stuck in her head. I would continue.

    • Its the latter, she just said "Hey I will hang out with you, but you are picking me up and I don't want any of your friends tagging along, that is weird. We will hang out and do something after we eat or whatever" Translated: No double dates, in fact no date at all... I want friends with benefits. We will eat and then do something more fun afterwards. Hint.

    • Yep. She wants sex. Strictly sex. No strings attached.

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