Girls, asking a girl out, fillerrrrr?

when you're asked out by a guy... do you prefer:

1. he ask what day & time your available to go out, even though you said you can meet up that week


2. he set a place,m date, & time & he tells you to meet him there?


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  • I'm a really busy person and I think most guys kind of know this haha so they usually opt for #1 with me just for time wise, but I'd really like for them to take the lead on where and how etc.

    If you're texting/standing and trying to figure out all the details with her it can turn into a pretty awkward conversation pretty quickly if dates/tastes clash.

    This is the dream script for me:

    Guy: (who has already secured the yes) Great! When works for you?
    Girl: Oh man, this weekend is awful. How's Tuesday night sound?
    Guy: Perfect, let's meet at _______ at 8pm
    Girl: that sounds great, I'll see you there
    -if this is text and you typically chat a lot, please quickly transition into something else or it's awkward to leave it there haha

    • perfect! yeah she messaged me & I told here time & place. thank you!

    • Oh yay! I'm so glad it worked out :) Have fun!

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  • This is probably a very stupid question, but what the hell do people mean when they say "fillerrrrr" like that?

    • I know... but it's the idea of either being assertive or passive... I noticed that when I TELL a girl about plans she's always up for it.

      but when I ASK her for plans things are sort of wishy washy.. so that's why I ask. what do you think?

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    • If you know the girl normally takes a day, then wait a day. After that, if she doesn't contact you, then call her. And if she doesn't pick up the phone when you call her, wait for you to call her back. I know it'll be hard to do that but you'll feel better if you don't have to chase her down for a date to happen.

    • thanks!

  • Number 2 please.

    • thank you! you girls don't know how helpful this is!! I'd get sorta flaked on for this crap & I was like wtf? & realized I wasn't leading...

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    • by the way.. when a guy asks you out in the way like #1, even if you like him, are you girls like "ew, this guy's kinda weak" &/or "this is too much work, he should be planning it"?

    • I wouldn't mind honestly. Like if he doesn't have a set time/date/place, I can offer him one, and if he's cool with it then yeah cool

  • choice, #2

    • thank you!

      why did you pick #2?

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    • thanks! I feel you... I thought I was doing better cause I'm forgetful too, & I was like I'll ask the girl when she's free & stuff so I can plan it better... but I guess it's better to plan it & TELL her the plan.

    • you're welcome! & sure g'luck!

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