She wants to take it slow because she just not ready for a relationship just yet?

So I have met this girl that I have really developed feelings for. She just got out of a 8 year relationship about 5 months ago, so I was the first person she has gone out with in a long time. From what I heard her last relationship died out and he was a little controlling . Which I am just the opposite, I am the nice guy that is laid back and very trusting. So won’t stop her from hang out with friends and stuff like that, which she is the same way. We have been hanging out and going on dates for about a month, with both of us asking each other out on dates. We usually hold hands and kiss on them and sometimes get physical with each other after them. We have had Sex. She seems very comfortable around me, basically I can hold her hand, hug her, cuddle, or whatever with here in public. She has said she likes me and like hanging out with me more than once, she has also said she is falling for me. I met a lot of her family and friends, they all really like me and tell her if she doesn't get with me she dumb. Which she it is important I pass there test, which she said I did which she is really happy about. She texts me every day with a good morning text, then we chat on and off during the day. A few days ago She says she still wants to take thing slow (which I knew she already told me she wants to take it slow a few week along with the comment that she's really starting to fall for me, which is scary for her, but in a good way. She hasn't felt this way for someone since her ex). Then she is just not ready for a relationship yet and she doesn't want to hurt me because of it. She did repeat that she does like me and just wants to take things slow and that she doesn't want push me away. She said it would be complete different if she didn't just get out of a long relationship. Then she that she wants to figure herself out and think about things before thinking about a relationship and that why she needs to take it slow.
It kind of seemed like she was making sure we are on the same page. I am an idiot when it comes to this stuff, mostly due to lack of experience. It seems to me she does like me a lot and wants to still want to date like we are, but wants to have things figured out before we take the next step to a relationship. I should kind of step back a little. Am I doing the right thing? If not what should I do? She is playing me or losing interest?
It not like we been dating long and if she never brought it up I would have never asked cause it is to early. I just like going with the flow and see what happens when it comes to someone I like. I really like this girl in a way that I haven’t felt about anyone before, so I don’t mind to keep things going like they are and sort of waiting for her to want to be in a relationship.


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  • My friend we are in the same exact boat! I have this internal fight going on inside my head. Like is he really ready? Does he feel the same way or am I just a rebound? Staying optimistic is the key. Each day is a new day and a progression towards another day you get to keep breaking her totally understandable "walls" down. A brick at a time bud. I have been single for 4 years now and the guys I met a little over a month ago just got divorced from a 8yr marriage that ended pretty bad. He's been single for 5 months. "Let's take it slow" he says so I do. I want him to feel comfortable and trust me. I don't want to scare him away. But I just get so excited at the thought of what could be that I have to take a step back and realize it's so so early in the "relationship" that anything could happen. At least your not being led on and at least you know she's not afraid of commitment, just the fear of being let down again is almost unbearable and totally called for. We can both understand that. So what I do is just try to make it as natural as possible... going with the flow. I find places like this to vent to or ask questions on. I think you are doing the only thing possible at this point... waiting. People say the best things don't come easy. So just keep your head up and prove to this lady that you have the patience and understanding that she needs. BUT!! Do not.. I repeat! DO NOT be led on and waste your time. The best advise... If after 2 months she can't decide that you are worth the shot. Let her know what YOU want and end it on the best terms possible. Don't sell yourself short for happiness my friend. Best of Luck!!


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