Girls, rejected or not really?

Hi, I recently had a bad experience with a girl I know from highschool which was 12-13 years ago. we haven't seen each other since then. I asked her out and she said that I should call her. I didn't have her number and I realized that later so I started texting her on FB. But she was replying after 1 day or more and her responces were short and to the point.So I wrote her politely that I maybe bother her and will stop writing her. she wrote minutes after explaining that she is really busy and even doesn't sleep and stuff. so she finally started talking to me. I took her out. she was giving me mixed signals and it was really confusing. At the end of the date she started complimenting me about who I've become after school and stuff and when we were close to her door she became mute for some seconds and maybe uncofortable. I wanted to kiss her but I felt it's not the right moment for her. On the next day I told her that I'm leaving for two weeks and I wanted to spend some more time with her before I leave. she said that she's going to a party and we can meet after it or on the next day before I leave. Told her that maybe will catch her later on the party because I had to go on some sort of boring business party. so I found her later in her party and during the party she didn't stop talking to me all the time and was allways around me and started making some more clear signals like touching, the eye contact was different and she was constantly around me almost ignoring her friends who actually left some hours later. She even smoked one of my cigarettes even that she doesn't smoke. I walked her home and this time I made a move but she trotted out that she has a boyfriend. She never said anything about BF and I never had a clue. on the next day we chated and she said that she values me couse I'm a ''cool guy'' and she's disapointed in men lately so she wants to continue seeing me after I come back the tour. So I don't know- is she playing with me or not. can someone expl?


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  • She's playing you. Either se really doesn't like you and she lied about having a boyfriend or se really has a boyfriend. Which doesn't make since in the first place why would she ask you to call her if she has had a boyfriend?

  • Oh man I'd say you are sth like the second choice/plan b for her tbh :/


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