How to start a conversation on plenty of fish?

Probably a dumb question but was just curious, what's the best way to start a conversation or open up communications with someone you meet on Plenty of Fish?

Do you just go with a simple hello? Hi there? What's up? Or do you add more to that?

I can keep the coversation going it's just reaching out I'm asking about.


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  • As is the case with ALL dating websites, women are going to be barraged with messages all day. They often read and ignore unless someone catches their eye (ie. He's attractive or she likes his personality/message).

    They will completely skip over your e-mail if you only say "Hey" or ask how they're doing unless you're attractive. If you're average, try personalizing your e-mail to their profile and mentioning common interests but don't put too much effort into the message as the chances of it being ignored are >70%.


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  • Maybe something like "wow there really is other fish in the sea"


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  • what's plenty of fish basically?

  • What's plenty of fish?

    • A free dating website.

    • Oh ok don't start a conversation with hi or what's up^^ lol

    • You need to add something personal. Maybe something you find special on her profile or a good question maybe booth