Why is she suddenly distant towards me?

So I started talking to this girl a few months ago and things went well, she became very comfortable with me and seemed into me (even if it was just friends). She even told me she'd buy me a birthday present when my b-day comes in about a month time. We've flirted back and forth, had long convos, watched a movie together (not at the theatres but on the computer), she would tease and imitate me and I would touch her and she wouldn't mind. But recently she's been quite distant (both text and in person), replying like a few hours later or just ignoring me completely which never happens. This all started when I sat with another girl and talked with her instead of her (we were at the same table). Haven't had a convo with her since, and when I said Hi to her she replied with "oh hey", not so happily. I don't know what's going on, it just happened so suddenly. I plan on sitting down with her some time and just having a convo with her to see for sure, because I haven't had the opportunity to do so. She just kind of became cold a bit, which bothers me a little. Any thoughts? My thinking was either she got jealous, I did something wrong, or she doesn't know what to do bcus she's never really had a lot of guys in her life b4. Thanks so much!


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  • So she randomly stopped talking to you?

    • Thanks for the reply. Well no. I'm sure there's a reason. It just suddenly happened and my thinking would be she got jealous when I talked to another girl instead of her... It was completely unintentional. What do you think?

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