What should I do if I like a guy who's already dating but shows some interest too... Avoid him oooor go for it?


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  • if he's alredy dating some1 else better... nah give up basically

    • Yah just what i thought :D thanks for honesty

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  • I think you should put yourself in the place of the girl he's with. Would you like some other girl flirting with your boyfriend? I think you should wait it out. If he's showing some interest in you their relationship might not last

    • Thats the thing... I never showed anything even though i liked him... He started being all so googly moogly :/ and its really confuisng cause i know it wasn't obvious i liked him... Im good at hiding emotions

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  • I'm in the same situation. However, I know that guys almost never leave the relationship for someone else. He has all he needs ar home. If he didn't he wouldn't be with her

    • they dont live together and they fight all the time... Thats how we got close... Im a good listenerr and he wanted to talk, so we talked and talked an now we are kind of friends buut there are unclarified things too :/

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    • It's for the best :) I know it sucks. I really do. But at least you did your best and you can still be friends.

    • Thanks... Very very much

  • i want to help you, but I'm in the same situation.


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