This is a long question but please analyze my situation and help me out? prom is in two days btw?

So this happened: -my crush(who I've caught checking me out since beginning of the year) offered me a ride home and drove me home about a week ago -he opened the door for me to his truck and asked me if I thought him and this other chick were dating(I said "yeah kinda" and he clarified they were not together) -when I asked why it was important wether I thought they were together or not he took a while to respond and then said"a lot of people put us together and I'm a key figure of gossip in my class"(sounded like he really had to think when he gave me this response) -somehow we ended up talking about prom and he asked me if I planned on going and I said"yeah but no one wants to take a freshman although I'd love to go" and he was like "that's right I forgot you were a freshman I thought you were a sophmore" -the rest of the ride he asked me about my family and my interests and told me a little about his family -I asked him if this kid I knew was his cousin and he said"yeah but he hangs out with the computer nerds.he doesn't talk about you"(his cousin is another freshman that I know has a crush on me and tried to convince me my crush had a gf) -when I hopped out of his car he was like"see ya later" and he sat there and waited till I was inside my house before he drove off -keep in mind before all this his female friend(one I thought he was dating)was talking to him before he drove me home.she walked over to me and asked me if I liked him so I told her I thought he was cute and nice. When she went back to talk to him I overheard her say"you need to justify..blahblsh" and he was like"no!no!!!" Even the next day he said hi to me when I walked past him and asked me if I still needed a ride home to which I replied "maybe"(I was upset because he brought his dirt bike which only fits one person so I was curious as to why he asked me) -he teased me a little bit in a playful manner and asked me if I was ok when he saw me getting a head ache that day too


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  • From all this I would say that he likes you but what is the question? What you said was just the story lol also why won't he take you to the prom? Whats with freshman and sophomore?

    • He's a junior and prom is literally in two days and what if he may not ask me at allXD will he still ask me out even if not to prom?

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  • He likes you, whether he'll do anything about it is what's in the air. Feel free to approach him about it, but if for some reason he turns you down, know that it's not because of YOU. It sounds like there's some other things going on that might make him say no, but as far as him being interested, that's absolutely clear.


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  • it seems that he likes you , sorry , what do you want by your question?

    • Will he still ask me out even if not to prom? He's a junior and I'm a freshie and prom is in two days

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