What's an approiate intro message when adding someone new to twitter?

was going to add this girl i had talked to on the weekend to my Twitter , i realise you can just click follow and don't need to send a message to other person but i just wanted her to see i was seriously interested in getting to know her but at same time not come on too strong , want to say something sort of casual but funny just to get her attention . any thoughs ?


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  • I don't do Twitter, but what's wrong with simply saying "hi, how are you?"?

    • I don't find Twitter is really a chat site so not sure exactly what to say

    • I thought it was for mini chats. who care. just go for it, follow your own rules!

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  • "Hi i just found u from..."

    • I tweeted her once before so I think she knows I've seen her profile , she's from hometown and lives near me so don't think she'd be that surprised I added her , I've talked to her in person a few times just never tried to make contact online

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  • I don't really know what you could say, but just don't say anything straight away, start up a normal conversation and then slip it in, like ask what she's doing in the weekend and then ask if she wants to come hang out with you or something simple :) don't come across as creepy!


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