How to date someone with ADHD?

ok so there's this guy who i may like to date. he's really nice, very sweet, funny, but the problem if, he has ADHD. Its not that im discriminitory, its just that it can make it difficult to interact sometimes without getting very, very, annoyed and irritated. When we hang out, i often feel like im in a mother child relationship. Instantly i want to balance the energy in the relationship (i do this with every person i date) and to counterbalance that high energy, i become a wet blanket personality wise, which is very opposite of the free spirit i naturally am. I feel like when i release my energy, it just whips him up. I just want to know, how do you date someone with ADHD? How do you not get annoyed? how do you deal?


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  • He has ADHD, not cancer. You find him annoying because he's annoying, not because he has ADHD.

    • no its just, when he's not in a highly stimulating environment or when he's taking his meds, or when he's been exercising a lot, he's better, he's just too nigh energy and i need to know how to deal?

    • If you're trying to figure out how to "deal" with this guy, that's a pretty good sign that y'all are not compatible.

    • true thanks:)

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