Guys, why would a guy not date a girl but do all these things?

Guys what would be some reasons you wouldn't date a girl but still show affection? Guy's Behavior
Guys what are some reasons you would flirt and show affection by hugging, kisses on the check, grabbing hand or thigh to show you're still there but never acctually go for it and date the girl?
Oh not to mention send the girl flowers, tease About marraige and get jealous... But still won't date her


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  • Player. Toying with you. A real man would show his intentions and not play these games with you because he respects you.


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  • Fear, doesn't want commitment maybe a fear of rejection. If I felt that comfortable with a friend I'd probably still be afraid to ask her out.

    • Even if you knew that she liked you?

    • No if I knew she liked me I'd be ecstatic and ask her out. Maybe he doesn't want a committed relationship. Maybe all he wants is the affection with no strings attached.

    • hmm that's something to think about

  • if your close friends maybe? I don't know sounds like he likes you but is afraid to date maybe?

  • that this guy likes her as a PERSON maybe?


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