Anyone else get questioned for being Asexual?

So I got told that I am A sexual from my mates, I did laugh at this becuase I do like women, just right now I have a lot of goals to do before even thinking about a girlfriend. I have had girlfriends in the past but not many, all of them however have lasted for 2 years + ;D

any of you had this problem ?


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  • Never had that problem and I think your mates need to pay attention to their own dating lives. ;) You're 18, some guys don't even date till 18 or later! They comment on stuff they don't understand and if you find it annoying you should tell them so.

    • Yea I did I think maybe it's because I friend zoned a girl I don't know ;/

    • It's really quite silly, I mean what are you suppose to do at your age, run off and get married? You're not a player, and that's a good thing! ;)

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  • I am not, but I can see people questioning you for it its cause animal and humans need sex its a natural instinct

    • True man I quess I am too focused maybe ;)

    • Good for you bro I respect you I could never be A sexual I see a pair of boobs and bam I get hard lol.

    • Haha! Yea man I do check out women but I am like shit need those A*'s so I just cut the instinct off !

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  • No. If you know you're not asexual then who care.

    And please, get real mate, you don't have a gf because you are too busy? I don't even. EVERYONE IS BUSY. Especially in the 18-25 ranges when the real world hit us in the face.

  • Presumably you mean "asexual"? If not, do you mean "a sexual"? (Why the capital 'a'?)

    Not a problem I've had, anyway.


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