Opening Day at Amusement Park troubles?

my small group of friends wanted to go to an amusement park on opening day and I'm trying to set up 2 of my friends, my best girl friend likes him and I don't know how he feels about her but it might rain, so my best girl friend told me that she might be able to have us all over to her house instead and we could maybe wait for the rain to stop or just stay at her house, either way I want them to get to know each other more. We are also thinking about just going even if it rains. So if it does rain what should we do? Plus I told the guy that we need to know if he was coming by Friday and he said when he knew he'd tell my girl friend but it's been 2 days and he hasn't talked or texted her, I figure he truly doesn't know but we don't want to nag to much. He said most likely he could come but I still don't know.
He has a lacrosse game at 1:00 and we were planning on going around noonish but my friend really wants to get to know him so what should I do?


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  • Text him forsure tomorrow.

    • I just realized he has a lacrosse game at 1:00 that day and we were planning on going at noonish but my friend really wants him to be able to come so should I just tell him to come when he can?

    • well set a time you know, like say "meet me at the front gate at 4:30" something like that. I say this because of a past experience i had with friends at big places lmao, it's very very easy to get lost, and you spend more time finding each other rather than doing what you set out to do

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