Guy I dated just got divorced and he's messaging me and adding me on social media what to think?

We went out once and were talking for a few weeks two year ago. He was being kinda weird like he seemed unsure of how to proceed with establishing a relationship. So it never went anywhere.

In the fall he got married and now his wife and he split a few months ago. They hadn't dated so long before marriage. He met her after he met me.

He Is in a facebook group I am in. He clicked like on a comment I made so I friended him. He didn't answer my friend request but he messaged me. Said hi and it's awesome I friended him and we just chatted a bit. Now he added me on linked in. Huh? Why would he do that ?
Why would he message me and then a day later search me on linked in? Means he's thinkikg of me.


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  • It kind of makes me think he doesn't really understand how social media works. Like why didn't he friend you before he friended you on FB? And then you've never worked together so Linked in is a pretty useless add.


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  • Maybe there is something he doesn't want u to see on his facebook.
    The only real way is to ask him

  • Hmm doesn't sound too great. Let him make the effort and see I guess, just out of friendliness.

    • Like he sounds a bad guy? I was kinda testing te waters.

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