What are five things you like about your crush or Significant other?

Don't write things like her/his eyes.


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  • I could go on and on for hours ago what I love about my husband and in great detail, but I'm just going to pick the first five I think of and keep them short and sweet.

    1. He loves to help people, whether it's me, family, friends, strangers, whoever. He's always trying to help people, it's one of his passions.

    2. His laugh when I tickle him, it's the cutest and most genuine laugh he has and I don't hear it often so it makes it special.

    3. That he balances me out and vice versa, some of my weakness are his strengths and vice versa so it really strengthens our bond and relationship.

    4. That he always pushing himself to be the better version of himself whether it's physically, academically, mentally, anything, and he helps push me to be the better version of myself as well.

    5. He's hilarious. He's the funniest person I know, he's witty, he's goofy, he's sarcastic, he's every type of funny you can think of. He's not afraid to be a goofball no matter who is around, especially if he's trying to make me smile.

    • Oh my gosh. I wish i can find someone Like that. Good luck you guys

    • One day you'll find someone perfect for you!
      And thank you. :)

    • He sounds wonderful :)

      Totally with you on number 3 by the way - I think that's one of the most important things about a relationship. I don't buy into the "opposites attract" notion, because I think it's important to be similar on most big stuff like your values, beliefs, and at least a few of your interests.. but when it comes to personality traits and talents, balancing each other out is hugely important...

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  • 5 things I like about my BF:

    - That he is emotionally stable and available
    - That he is not possessive or jealous
    - That he puts a conscious effort into making me (and other important people in his life) feel valued, wanted and special
    - That I can be totally fucking weird around him and he doesn't just put up with it, he joins me in being totally fucking weird
    - That he is hardworking and ambutious

    ... lots of other things too, but those are the big ones :)

  • He's caring, thoughtful, interesting, has his own hobbies and interests, gets my sense of humor, he's overall just a great guy and I'm lucky to have him. Has some pretty bomb dick too.

  • ~ patience in different aspects
    ~ Reassuring/Trusting
    ~ Humor
    ~ Voice
    ~ Handsome

    So many more things... ❤️ But these are at the top of my head

  • 1. He's cuddly. We can cuddle for hours. He will come over and we can just cuddle without him expecting anything sexual.

    2. He understands that we are both busy people that have to work for our relationship. We live separate lives and have to be conscious about making time for one another.

    3. He's sweet to others as well. It's one thing to be kind to the girl you're sleeping with but it's a whole other thing to show kindness to other people in your life as well.

    4. He treats me as an equal. We respect one another.

    5. He's honest. We both are really. In most aspects of our relationship we express our feelings and what we want with complete honesty. That's the only way for us to fully understand one another. We don't beat around the bush with things. We are upfront and truthful.

  • His integrity, his ambition, his walk with God, his creativity, and... his sense of humor.

  • i love how i dont have one haha

    just kidding. im ugly thats why im not dating anyone

  • 1. His mind-he's very smart, is an amazing problem solver, and a quick learner.
    2. His fiery determination- he's always up and going, always ready to make it happen, make his dreams happen.
    3. His love for music-he plays the guitar amazingly, and the drums, and the bass, and he sings.
    4. His ability to care for others- he is the most loyal, caring person. Everyone loves him, no one has said a bad thing about him.
    5. He's funny, and witty. He makes me laugh everyday

  • He's hilarious, he's extremely thoughtful and kind, he's intelligent, he's gorgeous, and he's a total nerd.

  • His dickkkkkkk


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