They are friends with benefits but it seems like they obviously like each other. Why not just become more?

My girlfriend and I have two mutual friends (lets name them Sara and John) who seem to like each other. We introduced them didn't think they would hit it off since she has a certain type of guy she always dates. Although she was definitely his type. They started talking and both my girlfriend and I were pretty surprised. Then they remained friends as he started dating another girl. A month later he broke it off with her telling me he really liked Sara and didn't care for the other girl only saying he thought Sara didn't like him. Sara told my girlfriend she developed a lot of feelings for John. And I guess my girlfriend told John despite he was in a relationship. So both currently are friends with benefits as they keep it a secret apparently and only tell us. However, they are always caught together in public like holding hands or he has his arm around her waist or they are extremely close together. He brings her to parties but denies they aren't anything. John is my roommate and when I came home from my girlfriends house I saw them on the porch holding hands and kissing. My girlfriend is also wondering the same thing as she has been told by Sara that when they have sex they always hold hands and he even keeps stuff at her house and they buy each other things. I know half the week he isn't home because he's at her place. But they still claim they aren't anything more than friends with benefits . It really does seem like they are into each other but why can't they just be more than friends? Everybody can tell even though they claim its a secret. They don't even date around well it would be impossible since he basically lives with Sara.


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  • It is quite possible that they feel something for each other.


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