Is this a sign me and my bf should break up?

he said to me on a bus to a thing for school that he doesn't even love me. But he doesn't want to break up with me. & this other girl has stopped him from committing suicide 5 times. I don't get it why I am still dating him. We also fight a fair bit because he doesn't like the way my personality is and the way i sometimes act. I dont know what to do.


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  • I had the same problem with a friend of mine. Here's the thing, his going to drag you down and he won't care. Dumb his ass faster than a brick, if anything happens it's his fault and not yours.
    Don't be with someone is their going to be an ass to you. Also don't worry, you'll find someone who loves you for you, you jut have to keep faith.

  • Err... if he doesn't love you, no... not even LIKE you. Why would you keep dating? Why would he want to keep dating you? Where is your pride? DUMP. HIS. ASS.

  • Yes, it's a sign. That guy has issues, and he isn't a nice person. Stay away from him


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