Should I be concerned about girlfriends past with her male best friend?

Ok, I am dating a 21 year old, her best friend is male ( they grew up together ), and they used to be partners a year or two ago.. He dates a few women at the moment, But they spend a lot of time together, especially odd considering he apparently has all these other women on the go..
I trust her, and she said she called off the relationship because there was no sexual chemistry, And she does not look at him with any lust.I do not feel threatened by his presence either.
But I admit, from past history in my life, this situation has me uneasy.. Should I walk away while I am still not overly invested if I feel unease, Am I wrong to be curious what the go is between them ? Or what his intentions may be ?


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  • Firstly fully trust your girl. She's yours now and no ex or anything should get in the way of you two. But yeah you're not wrong to be curious but sounds like their just good mates but yeah i do get where you're coming from cause of their past relationship! :)

    • Thanks for some 're-assurance :)

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    • Thanks for the MHO haha, have to follow you :P

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  • Just trust your girlfriend. If they've been friends their whole lives it makes sense they'd still be good friends even after their little dating experiment.


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  • just don't delve too deep into this, trust your girlfriend, if she breaks it then you drop her.


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