Dating a nice persong?

I saw many posts about dating like who should(wrong word because any one can pay because dating mean understanding each other and sharing) pay?
I saw the things in those posts like below are fear of using for money and girls are fear of using for sex-may be should pay because you are a men-wrong are cheap saying to asker/opinion owner-wrong(may be it is rudee)
4.women use money for make up as he use it for her meals-wrong(we can't say it for sure that she is wearing for him beccause may be it is for her self)
5.women buy new clothes and use time for make up and get ready-yes(guys be honest it is to make you feel good)
6.guys should pay for dates and girls have to give sex-wrong(this is not a business if she like she will but sex is not life)
7.guys always ask for sex-wron(all are not the same and rember guys/girls that sex is just a part of lovee not life)

Dating means not spending money it is about sharing feeling and understanding eatch other

Dating a nice persong?


Dating a nice persong?

In all dimenstions

Dating a nice persong?

Sensior advices:-
1.if girl/guy hesitate to pay then you just pay amd became a gental man/woman.
2.if you are sure that she/he using you then try to stay away from them.
3.if a girl asked to pay for meals/part of her then just obey her because it show some respect towards her.
4.try to understand that wether it is a test or realy using
5.before going to date first know what is he/she
6.if you spent money on her that dosenr mean she is yours a warmly hug needed insted of money
7.guys show how you respect your girls
8.girls show how you respect his feelings
=>Never split the bill,if you both went togeter why you split and pay induvudualy so if he paid for first or firat two the she will pay for next two dates(dont think about others just respect each other).
I hope i helped people.
Good luck .
Do you have any more suggestions gagers
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@ kittySilenRose
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this is my post sort for late


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What Girls Said 1

  • Sorry but I am confused as to what you are asking suggestions for? Is it bout who pays for dates or?

    • No
      I saw many so I am giving my opinion for all those people and if want to add any thing to menu then please suggest

What Guys Said 1

  • This is all nice in theory but will not be so easy in practice. Humans in general are selfish.

    • Yeah but I want to see this world beautiful and I want to be a part of that beautiful world

    • That's pretty cool but also naive.

      In nature you survive longer by expecting and preparing for the worst and no the best.

    • Hah.. yeah
      May be you are right

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