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I have been seeing a beautiful lady, for 6 months now. We have goten very close, but she insists she needs to pull back and take things slow. I was ok, with this, the first time it happened, but, it happened again the other day. But yet, I talk about, maybe, just being friends, for now, she assures me she wants this to be more. I am so confused. Does she want something, or does it sound like she is just playing me, to have someone around?


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  • She wants to keep seeing you romantically, but feels like things are moving too fast and/or getting too intense at a pace that she is not comfortable with.

    Respect her wishes to slow things down. If you're not ok with that and you want to move at a faster pace, it might not work out between you two (and no one is wrong in that situation - your wants and needs simply don't align so you're better off pursuing what you want elsewhere).

  • Your ok. She wants to be with you but she needs time. So no need to worry. Good luck!


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