Should I be worried or are we really taking things slow?

My friend has apparently liked me for a long time and eventually I fell for him too (which he knew about) but for months we were playing cat and mouse. I eventually got tired of it and basically let him know using metaphors hahah. Well after that talk, he said he was willing to try to see where things went and blah blah. I feel like he said that bc of what I told him? Anyways so we've been talking and not much has really changed, except he sends me emoji kisses sometimes bc he's not very affectionate and neither am I which is totally fine bc I hate when guys are like "I'm thinking about you" literally every 5 min. And we hung out the other day and after he texted me saying he should have given me a kiss. It was our first date. we haven't seen each other, that was Monday. We never really hang out bc he lives a little far and he's always saying he doesn't have gas or some shit like that. But then yesterday he called me on his break, I was at the animal shelter bc I want to get a dog, which I won't bc I'm renting lol. So he said to adopt one for him? Haha well yeah, and then he called me on his next break. So are we moving slower than a snail or should I be worried he's not really interested in a relationship?


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  • Look at it this way. Either you are moving slow toward a beautiful relationship, or you are realizing, that maybe, fiends are where you need to be. Talk to him about it. There is nothing wrong with telling him where you are and want to be and see if he agrees. No one can read minds, you need to communicate

    • Yeah that's what I was thinking. I don't want to rush anything like in my last relationship. It was too much.

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  • Didn't you just have your first date less than a week ago? You're moving slow but not slower than a snail for something that was started so recently. I think you're just overthinking it and just need to give it time because 5 days is not time lol


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  • The more important question to ask yourself is 'are you enjoying your time'? There is no pace for a relationship other than the pace that is correct for that relationship itself. All relationships have different speeds. The trick for having one work well is when both partners are wanting the same things at similar times... it keeps the pace good for both.

    Since you are asking this questions, it makes it seem like this is moving more slowly that you would like. If you are ok with the speed and are really only worried if he is into it or not, I don't think you should fret. It's probably fine, he is just... a little slow. It could also mean that the spark isn't there. That the chemistry needed to take something that works as a friendship into relationship levels is missing.


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