Should I have seen this coming?

1) been with the boyfriend for almost 3 years

2) We go to the same college every year from Aug to may

3) We live 3 1/2 hours from each other.

4) in summer we go home but only see each other 3 times

5) I have noticed a girl in our classes that always flirts with him

6) he started hanging out with her and her friends and only telling me after the fact (2 times).

7) whenever I want to hang out he is "busy studying"

8) When I brought up that he hung out with this girl and it p*ssed me off, he wanted to break up.

~I know there signs were there you think it's because of the girl? He said " I want you to find someone that makes you happy, don't worry I didn't make out with anyone. You are a good person. You are about to graduate and I have a year left so...I think we should just break up"


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  • Find a guy that loves you for you and doesn’t hang out with a bunch of other girls. He should only have eyes for you. I know its going to be extremely hard for you to break up and for a while you aren’t going to want to look at any other guys and you may still be bitter about this. Just don’t get self conscious about this…God loves your for who you are and he made you. He picked out that perfect guy for you especially and don’t think that it will all be perfect hun. The one who loves you the most, will hurt you the most. I know this is the weirdest thing to experience but it’s totally true. Be careful and be picky. Try taking a note card and writing down all the things you want in a guy. Don’t settle for anything less because you deserve the best and God will provide. Whether you’re supposed to be single right now or not you should rely on God to lead you. God Bless and if you need any more encouragement just let me know. I’m praying for you…

    • I love your response..It gave me a positive outlook on things. This is day one since the break up so it's been really rough...especially since this is my first long term relationship. I just don't understand. sometimes you think you know someone but you really don't. Trust is so hard.

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  • Sorry, but consider it over. He's dancing around the fact that he wants to end things with you but either he's too scared or can't convince you. Move on from this guy.

    • You are right, he was making so many excuses when he broke up with me and he felt so guilty that he still wanted to give me a ride to my classes and offered to help me if I needed anything. I obviously declined. How could he think that would be appropriate?

  • Partly. He probably miss the feeling of being single. Better to move on, find someone too...

    • That's a good point zeroth88. But do you think that he might regret the decision?

    • You guys have been together for 3 yrs... and if he does feel guilty then he would probably think about this. He would think: did I make the right decision, wil I be able to cope with this, will you be able to cope with this? He knows its his fault so he will respect yur descision to break up with him. Both side suffer loss, at least it didn't drag out any longer...

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  • He's just a player babe, It's not you. Don't let him get to you.

    • That's one of the hardest parts...I am trying to figure out what I did and If it was me..or? I don't know, I know I did everything I could. I will try and keep my head up.. thanks =)

  • If it had not been that girl, it would have been a different one. This is not your fault. Find a guy who you don't have to worry about around other girls!

    • It's soo true. He is a shy guy and his shyness comes off flirty sometimes. Girls like talking to him. it's true, it wasn't that girl it would have been another. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.