What does it mean when he asks for pictures?

He was asking me for "pictures" when he was drunk after the bar. He also told me he's never done that and Id be taking his "photo virinity." I know for a fact he doesn't or hasn't done that before, im best friends with his best friend and sister. I know he likes me too. what does it mean? is he just horny? lol I obviously didn't send him anything and told him he has to wait for the real thing
does he just want to get off?


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  • Well I guess from saying he's never done that before, plus the weird reference to taking his "photo virginity"(?), it probably was what you think it is - wanting sexy or naked pics of you. Do I need to say what guys do with such pics or why they want them? Lol. But he was also drunk and maybe not thinking straight. See how he acts when he sobers up.

    If you're not in an actual long-term relationship with him, you did the right thing in not sending them. But you can take it as a compliment if you want.

    • He knows Im a lot more outgoing then him, but of course Im not going send him anything like that. He definitely is extremely turned on by me, and think since Im away at school, we can't actually see each other that much thats why he asked. But does this mean he just wants me sexually and thats all? He told me he thinks Im a cool girl to hang out with and thinks we hit it off

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    • oh no its in person, I've know him for a year and we starting hanging out and going on dates for the last 3 months. but we have been separated by distance but see eachother every few weeks. in a month ill be done school so well be close by. but the next day when he wasn't drunk he wasn't asking for pictures but was still being very flirtaious

    • Ohhh, ok. When you said he just thinks you're cool to hang with and that you hit it off, it sounded like you just met! If you've been dating for months, especially if you've already been sexual, then his behaviour doesn't seem as weird.

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