Am I the rebound?

So there is this guy I have been hanging out with for quite a few months and I've gotten to like him a lot, but there have been some red flags that I've noticed and I don't really know how to deal with it. They are the following:
It's been about over a year that him and his ex have been broken up. However, he still talks about her. I know a lot more about her than he knows about my ex. I even know her birth month. He even gets his hair cut by her. I still haven't met his friends and recently he doesn't want to go out. When we hang out he wants to just "relax" at home. Actually, he never makes any plans to hang out.

The only thing he's really done is ask me to stay the night and he's told me likes me.



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  • You're barely a rebound, just someone he hangs out with.


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  • ... I know a lot more about her than he knows about my ex...
    Yes, a sure sign 'Some red flags' here, dear, and it seems you are on to him. Buyer beware as I say.
    It doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, that thew writing is on the wall and all and written all over his face That-------I even know her birth month.
    With talking too much about the skeleton in the closet, he is still hooked at the hip with her. He doesn't seem to want to start even anew relationship, doesn't want to explain you to his buds, wants to 'Relax at home' as you both being couch potatoes and even has... ask me to stay the night...
    He most likely 'Likes me' but not enough to be anything, not even date mates, but buds, maybe even Friends with benefits, for with this, he doesn't have to Commit and still in a way, can have his cake and eat it... two.
    Yes, a 'Rebound' and on a Merry-go-round, which would eventually rattle your own chains.
    Good luck. xx


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  • There's a great chance he still has feelings for her. Recovering from a break up can be quite hard for some people, especially after a long term relationship. Whatever the case is, I don't think it's healthy or respectful towards you that he talks so much about her. You need to have a conversation with him and figure out what's behind all this.


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