How do I love myself?

It's not fucking fair, a girl that hates themselves can get any fucking guy, but a guy that hates themselves is screwed, I hate female logic! How the hell can I not hate myself? I'm a piece of shit, an idiot, a failure, I can't get a girlfriend and most people ignore my existence, if the whole world treats me like shit, HOW CAN I NOT HATE MYSELF TOO? But, apparently, no girl will like you if you don't jerk off to your own goddamn reflection, so I need to find some fucking fake reason to love myself somehow, despite the fact that me and my life are both shit. So, how can I love myself like a good little jackass?


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  • The guy who I love hates himself :'(

    I'd agree it's probably much harder for guys who don't have much confidence to form relationships, because stupid patriarchy dictates y'all have to make all the first moves.

    It's a viscous lie that hating yourself makes you unlovable though. Hating yourself can make people kind of insular; you're so close up to yourself that everything gets distorted and all your flaws look huge, and you're likely comparing yourself to others, a lot of whom are in fact just as insecure but you can't see it. From someone else's perspective, you may be the most perfect person ever.

    This guy, who I mentioned before? He's told me all these things he perceives to be wrong with himself, and it hurts how unhappy he is sometimes; because to me he is truly so beautiful.

    I hope that you find someone who loves you so much that you forget how to hate yourself. You deserve to find that, and it is possible


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  • Girls are attracted to confident guys. It's almost impossible to trick a girl into thinking you have the swag. But you can fake cheerfulness. It works almost as good as confidence.
    If you pretend to be cheerful enough of the time then it will become real cheerfulness.

    As far as loving yourself all I can tell you is that you are the only person inside your body. It is up to you to take care of that guy inside. He will always be there for you, it would be nice if you could always be there for him.

    • I've been pretending to be cheerful for toe years now and it still hasn't worked, I'm still ugly and I still feel broken inside.

    • I've been at it for a long time too. It doesn't always work. But it is a lifelong struggle. I can guarantee that if you stop trying then it won't get better. But you really have to start being nicer to you. The amount of damage that you are inflicting is pretty intense.

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  • Girls that hate themselves can't hold decent relationships. Just because you'd be willing to over look it doesn't mean other men would. People who are self haters are downers, regardless of gender. Dude, you seem to have far more issues than loving yourself. So make a list of your problems, and get to working on them.


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  • Jesus Christ I feel sorry for you. I hate myself sometimes too but damn.. You don't have to Jack off to your own reflection. Fake it till you make it. I don't know what you look like but let me let you in on a little secret. Looks matter. Go to the gym. Get in shape. I know from experience girls will not acknowledge you if you are not fit.

    • I look in shape, especially since I usually wear loose clothing.

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    • Somewhat, but not really. I have very low stamina because of a heart condition and I'm so busy with school I don't hit the gym either.

    • Surely you aren't busy 24/7. If you don't have enough time make time for it. Wake up a little earlier and go work out before school.

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