So, do I have a hot and cold interest?

Basically, I guess I over analyze small gestures from girls and think they're attracted to me even if they show minimal interest, while girls that show much interest I ignore (though that's usually because they're either extremely unattractive, overweight, or they cheated on me in the past and I no longer trust them). So, um, I tend to do the same things with friends, though I don't ignore anyone, I do consider someone a good friend for being nice to me occasionally (says how much I get treated like shit). So, should I just put a gun to my head and solve the issue?


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  • Why would you kill yourself over this? Figuring out the other sex isn't the end of the world. For now you should focus on yourself & loving you for you. Once you are ready, you'll see life & relationships aren't as hard as they seem.


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