Does he like me as more or is this a way to pass time (Long distance)?

So I've been speaking to this guy online now for 3-4 months (Which i know isn't long) and we are really close , even tho he lives around 3 hours from me, as we talk everyday about random stuff but I can't tell if he actually likes me or is passing time. he's one of those very jokey laid back guys who tajes the piss of me about everything and always thinks he's the best and I know he is joking but it hard to belive that sometimes as he can make me feel a bit rubbish. One minute he's being all cute and we have our cute little nicknames and he saying like "aww baby wanna meet you" and othet times he just moans I'm clingy. He always checks I'm okay if he thinks im sad or something and other times he coudlnt care less. He actually accepts me for who I am which is the best and we snapchat all the time but he still doenst wanna Skype as he hates doing it as do I so im okay with that atm so how can I tell if he likes me?


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  • you can't really know if he really like you or not
    because this is a long-distance relationship.. feelings are only by internet :)
    what about dating? is he living in the same country?

    • He lives in the same country and I asked him about dating and he said not much would change if we were dating as we act kind of like a couple anyways so I don't know what that means

    • hmm I don't know.. i'm not sure.. hope you the good luck anyway

  • It's hard to tell but from what I know it's hard to get close to someone if you haven't even met. Yeah I know it seems like you're close but let's be honest, you guys are just chatting over the Internet. True emotions come when face-to-face. So it may seem like a way to pass time, but it's mixture. He chats in his free time because he likes to talk to you and is probably interested but it's hard to tell if it's more. And I can't blame him.

    You guys are obviously more than just friends, but not in a dating relationship and that's okay...

    Just keep doing what you're doing and grow closer.


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