Her logical side is telling me one thing.. emotions is saying another?

So I bumped into my ex girl haven't officially been together for like 2 months or so.. she's made it clear that she doesn't really want to reconcile.. were just friends or whatever.. i start hugging her good bye , gave her some light kisses on the cheek and she was instantly turned on.. she started saying things like I want sex with you but were not in a relationship so we can't im so turned on by you etc.. was she just wanting me to be the agressor? We were in public.. i wasn't trying to force anything I said lets go back to your place she said no i gotta do blah blah right now. we parted our ways... Essentially she wants the sexual release but doesn't want the stressors of a relationship? .. how do I maybe just get the sexual aspect back?


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  • Just be honest. Propose that you two become fuck buddies.


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