I need some advice on what to do?

To make a long story short this chick I've been talking to recently told me that she isn't interested in dating anyone right now. I'm feeling really disappointed and low right now. I'm not sure what to do now she's awesome but I can don't know if I can stay just friends with her, it'll just be to hard on me. Should I tell her I don't we should talk anymore? Should I give it some time and see what could happen? Should I just quit talking to her completely? I think she knows where I stand but we've never had a real discussion about it or anything. I'm really not sure what I should do. Like I said I like her a lot I just don't wanna set myself up to get hurt here. Any suggestions?
Anyone else wanna chim in?


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  • You need to have a real discussion with her, don't just make a decision without her knowing the entire story. Give her the info & let her decide. If she isn't interested in being in a relationship, its cool don't pressure her, remain a friend but don't put your own life on hold. Occupy your time & find someone new.

    • I can't remain friends

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    • Thanks for the MHO! Hope everything works out for you ;-)

    • Thanks but I doubt it

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