Great first date, now lack of contact? Just a one night stand?

It was last minute, and she was the one that initiated. We went out, had fun, went back to my place to watch a movie, and things progressed. The next day she didn't leave and we ended up just watching movies in my bed all day. There was a lot of cuddling, hand holding, and the periodic sex. When she said she had to leave she stalled for a while (which was cute). Then she asked me about a movie and said that maybe she will bring it over next time. Finally at her car she went in to kiss me, then immediately hugged me and we held the hug for quite a while. Then we did the whole hand holding thing until she got into her car.

I thought things went well, but she's become distant since. I tend to have really bad luck in dating so I can't help but second guess everything. Was this just a one night stand?


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  • It's sounds to me like she really likes you, but something in her personal life is conflicting her. How well do you know her? If it was a complete stranger, there's a possiblilty it was a one night stand, maybe just an escape from her own life. But if it's someone you know, maybe she really likes you, but is afraid of way happens next. Best thing to do is to keep in contact with her, but don't blow up her phone. If she needs her space, give her space. The ball is in her court, so if you've already extended a hand to her, there's nothing you can do but wait for her to make a move.

    • Not so well, unfortunately. We met online (who doesn't these days) and had been talking for a couple of weeks. The only light at the end of the tunnel is how her profile specifically says that she's not looking for just a hook up. But yeah, I definitely won't blow up her phone haha. That never works.

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  • Stay in contact without chasing her too much. I've had the same basic thing happen to me and never found out what (if anything) had gone wrong.


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