Are commitment issues a real thing? Could I be commitment phobia?

I feel really confused. I've had several bad experiences with men. I was in a long term relationship of 3 years and since then nothing has worked out for me. I always blamed the men for not wanting committens but now I'm beginning to think I may have picked men with commitment issues or subconsciously never wanted it from them. It seems I always pick distant men. for the first time I started seeing a guy by being friends first. I realize I normally like guys based on apparences but this guy im not infatuated with his looks but really like him for him and I'm also attracted to him. I'm beginning to have anxiety because he wants to hang out often and wants to get physical. it's not that I don't want to get physical but I'm really scared because every time I'd do with a guy I get more attached. Does this mean I have commitment issues? Does it just mean I don't like the guy enough?


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What Guys Said 1

  • i guess i suffer from such a phobiaa as well since i wanna remain single and mentain my freedom basically!

    • Ya I'm scared of that but mostly scared to get physical and get used and it not work out.

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  • No, that's not commitment issue. Commitment issues is when u're afraid to commit. In ur case, ur scared of being attached to him once you get physical. Its normal for us girls. I think u should ask him if he wants a serious relationship or just a fling. If he does want a serious relationship then why not give it a try since u're both attracted to each other. If he just wants a flin, then I'd say u stay away from him in order to avoid ur heart being broken.


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