Ok so I'm 19 [will turn 20 in 3 months] and i'll be going out on my first date with a guy whos 31 and veeery succesfull, meaning he runs a company, which is very intimidating because I'm still in college studying law, he is from Holland and we met at a restaurant where he and his business partner talked to me and my friend and we went out for drinks that same day [so technically its my second date with that guy but the first date was a double date because we had both taken our friends with us and because i screwed up badly]. My friend and his friend met up the day after and they ended up having sex, we didn't meet up because we were both pissed at eachother and thus i didn't give him my number, after talking my friend into giving his friend my number, his friend gave it to him and he messaged me right when he got it, which is a good sign, we didn't say much, all we said was the usual stuff and then he said something like "maybe Friday or saturday" i said "friday" and then he said "sounds like an idea" and i said "ok great" and then he stopped replying, Im kinda scared that he won't message me tomorrow but if he does... my question to you would have to be:
What do guys prefer? Straight hair or waves/curls?
What kind of eye make up? Bronze Tones or maybe some color?
Nude Lips or Colorful Lips?

the conversation went like this:
Him: Psst, how are you princess? Regards, The dutchman
Me:I'm good how are you?
Him: Very god, you had a good Easter weekend?
Me: Yes i did, u?
Him: Nice and quiet, what u up to this week?
Me: Probably just going to relax with my friend, nothing special, u?
Him: Working no big plans yet
Me: sounds veeeeery interesting :P
him: yes, maybe you can make my week more interesting..
Me: Definitely! When would that be?
Him: Hmmm.. dont know u have a day in mind?
Me: hmm.. you tell me, you're the one with the bust schedule
Him: Maybe Friday or Saturday
Me: Friday
Him: Sounds like an idea
Me: ok great
If any of you could analyze his texts, this would be great as well, is he expecting sex?


Most Helpful Guy

  • If your friend had sex with his friend on the first date, and he is texting you now asking to make his week more interesting, there is a very good chance that he will be expecting sex. Or at the very least, hoping for sex.

    With an older guy that runs his own business, he is going to be accustomed to getting his way, so you are going to have to be really firm in your boundaries or he is just going to railroad right over you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like a catch.
    Older and well established... what is there to question?
    Don't be intimidated by the age difference.
    If you two get along perfectly fine then treat this as you would with a guy your age.

    • Also, if a guy finds a girl attractive he's going to naturally think about sex with her. You're in control of how soon he gets to that point.

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    • Send a reminder text to confirm

    • Reading that message... yea he wants sex... he didn't set up a date or anything. Tell him u want to know where u r going so u know how to dress. If u want something serious don't give into sex and let him know ur not that type

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What Guys Said 6

  • If you have sex with him, that is all you will have. If you get to know him then you may be ok.

    Too many girls give it away too fast.

  • He's 31 and successful and you are 19 and in college. You summed it all up right there. What do you think he is looking for?

  • He obviously wants sex, because your lady gave it away just like that... Well he will just give you a little alcohol and you shall be easy to handle like your friend.

  • You're a digger. It shows here, and probably even more in person. No way he'd take you seriously. You're a piece of ass and deserve to be treated as such.


  • He might be or he might not be


What Girls Said 3

  • Sounds like he wants to get laid. I can't see a 31 year old being seriously interested in a 19 year old. His buddy got laid, so he knows he has a good chance himself. I would only move forward if your okay with being a bragging right.

  • Sounds likr a cool guy, just with your lack if experience, an older man may not be the best bet for a first. He could be expecting it, never know only time can tell. Good luck girl!

  • You have nothing in common with a 31 year old businessman. He doesn't want anything but sex.


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