Are most parents overprotective of their teenage daughters?

Many parents are very strict regarding their teenage daughters and relationships. They often disallow their young daughters the freedom to date any person they want, and are intrusive regarding their privacy. This often creates a hostile and uncomfortable living environment for the young teenage girl, who will develop an animosity toward her parents. Many times, when the girl leaves for college, she will engage in an explosive display of debauchery, in an attempt to rebel against years of oppressive authority from her parents. This often manifests itself as excessive drinking, drug use, rapid change in apparel (more sexualized) and multiple sexual partners.

My view on the matter is this: Once a girl is around the age of 16, she will have no doubt developed a sexuality and will want to act upon her biological drive to reproduce. Men will notice her around this age as she likely has the appearence of a young woman, but will back off due to legal/social repercussions regarding her age. These social barriers can be a source of great frustration for both men and women, because we cannot act upon our attraction without being penalized by the vast majority of people who conform to social norms.

If I had a teenage daughter who was 16 and clearly physically developed, I would allow her the freedom to date whomever she pleases, she can make her own judgements regarding dating and if she makes a mistake, she can learn from the experience.

The age of consent has been rising across the globe. In the 1800s, the age of legal consent in developed countries typically ranged between 12 and 14. This number now ranges between 16 and 18. I personally believe 18 to be too high, and 14 to be too low. 16 sounds about right and should be instituted on a global basis. There are many 16-17 yo girls who have the appearence and demeanor of a young woman, and by my assessment should have sexual freedom.

However, this subject is clearly debatable. If you disagree with my postulations on the matter please voice your opinion.


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  • As a teen girl I don't hate or get angry at my parents for the rules they have. Because I understand all these rules are just to protect me and it shows me how much they love me. My mother actually isn't too strict when it comes to dating.

    • You're only 14 so at this point it may be endurable, but when you reach 16-17, depending on the rules your parents have set and whether they're too strict, you'll resent them if they are.

      I think it's wrong especially past 16 to be controlling one's dating life to any significant extent, and when I become a parent, I won't (besides having frank discussions with them about safety and precautions), because *see my post*.

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  • I completely agree with you. And I think many parents have your attitude already anyway. For many parents, 16+ is fine. A note about pregnancy:

    Areas which promote safe-sex instead of abstinence do better with lower pregnancy and STD-rates. The sleepover country of Netherlands actually has a 1/3 pregnancy rate of the United States. The reason is because when combined with the proper uses of condoms and the birth control pill, the risk of pregnancy is so small that if one had sex everyday for the rest of their lives, they'd be less likely to get pregnant in even one of those occurrences than be involved in an alcohol-related car accident in their whole life.

    Same with STD's. Netherlands also has a significantly lower HIV-diagnosis rate.

    And sex can be had outside of the house without much difficulty anyway, so preventing sleepovers does nothing, basically. It makes the problem "worse" because precautions are less likely to be taken.


    Personally, my minimum age would be 13.

    • ^^^Unless that was illegal in some way.

      As they say, the United States is a first-world country with third-world views unfortunately. But I will not oppress my children in such ways at all.

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