How do I completely win her over?

Me and my boss decided to take the next step and start dating one another. This was after years of knowing eachother, her engagement to her ex ending, and months of us going out together a few times a week after work.

Her ex for the most part, has always had quite the hold on her. In the 11yrs they were together, they were constantly on and off. Which she always went back whenever he called. Since their engagement ended, he has been dating multiple women and has made it a point to rub it in her face. Well a few months ago he found out about me, and he flipped out on her about it. This was him finding out only about a single date we had gone on At that point i could tell she was fed up or at least more pissed off than she had ever been before, with how he reacted. She made it a point to limit their communication and cut herself off from his family and friends. Though each time things have failed with one of his ladies, he always calls looking to "hang out".

Worse part about it
Her ex's sister is our boss. Which she recently found out about us and totally flipped out. She hasn't spilled the beans and doesn't plan to but is really encouraging us to end things immediately. Secondly, her ex called again recently with a sob story. Which this time I kind of sensed that she felt a little bad for him.

This woman is absolutely amazing and in the short time i've have been with her. She has made me want to do more and become more. I never thought I would find a woman to make me feel this way. It's insane how many things we have in common and enjoy doing. I want nothing more than anything for us to continue to progress and build a future together, but im worried.

Worried I may lose her to her ex. I'm not worried at all about work because we have played it off well thus far

So my questions are:
Should I pull back, in the emotional sense, and treat things as if it's just a friends with benefits situation? Or, proceed with things as is?

Is there a way to win her over completely?


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  • Not a good idea tbh - if it doesn't work out then it'll be very awkward if you still work for her


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