Have you ever been in a sexless marriage or relationship? Or even just a relationship where your sexual needs weren't met? did you resent the person?

Hi, my partner is not meeting my sexual needs and hasn't for a while. I feel like I'm angry at him a lot because of it. This makes me feel selfish though. We have been together for 2 years.


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  • So talk to him


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  • Yes. I had the same resentful feelings because my sexual needs weren't being met. But that happened because she truly wasn't interested. Your bf could just be impotent. Has he grown distant?

    ~Revel in your desires and feelings because we all have needs.

    • I'm assuming you two broke up?

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    • I feel like a jerk because he isn't interested in sex because of medication he is on. He was recently diagnosed with bipolar.

    • Have him consult a Dr. about his low testosterone. I know it's not going to be easy but if you didn't care you wouldn't be here. Don't feel like a jerk. That only triggers self loathing.

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