Is this a date?

My friend almost didn't go to prom because she had to work, I can't close so I asked this guy to close for her. I have a crush on this guy and we have a little history. Anyways I said I'd do anything for him if he took her shift and he asked for $100,000,000 and I said how about 100,000,000 hugs and I buy you dinner. He ended up taking her shift and now we're Going to Applebee's. We kinda flirt but not totally to where I can absolutely tell But we tease each other and such. He wants to pic me up and I'm really confused if this is going to be a date or not! I don't want to ask because I'm afraid I'll scare him away (Because of our history) any ideas?


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  • Maybe! if you turn it into a date. Tell him you had a great time at the end of the date!

  • do you know where guys are going?

    • if you dont know where you are going be liker "Where are we going? you're not kidnapping me are you? ( in a joking way), well that wouldn't be a good date." and just laugh it off. If you do know where you are going be like "I haven't gone out on a date for so long, i dont know what Im doing (laugh)." If he says its not a date just be like "Well we'll just pretend it is." and laugh. Laughing is key..

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