How do I know if this is going somewhere or if this is just sex?

I met this guy online and we talked for awhile before our first date. We went out yo movies and had drinks. At the end of the night we slept together. Our chemistry is off the charts and I enjoy being around him. Until recently we only hung out at night. He works and goes to school full time and works out at night. I work during the the day so for the most part it's fine. We finally went out during the day! Now my question is how do i even tell where this is going? Like we've talked about families relationships goals etc... Slept together gone on a couple dates and today we went on a 4 hour hike. He even wants to join me at church. Am I just anxious for something to be definitive? I'm just unsure. I've talked to him and told him even though I love having sex and am not ashamed I want to be working towards a relationship. and the biggest thing that bothered me was until today I could only see him at night.


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  • It sounds like things are going great. Have you talked about being exclusive? How long have you known each other?

    • Uhhh just a few weeks. We've only seen each other face to face for about two weeks. Which I know some would think its rushing but I just want to know that we are working towards the same goal. Ww haven't talked about being exclusive... I mean I'm still at the point where I sit and think when can I invite him over to my place randomly and stuff. I try to be careful because I suffer from diagnosed severe anxiety. So sometimes I'm not sure if I'm being anxious or I want to know what the heck is going on ;) #nervousnellie

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    • Thanks a bunch! It's always hard to keep a level head when living in the first stages of dating!

    • Is it ever...

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