Is he just very sexual attracted to me or does he like me too and want something more serious?

We have been out on a few dates, hanging out, hooking up and talking for albout three months now. But over the last three months we've been far from eachother because I'm away at school (2 hours away) but now I'm moving back to the city where he is working and we're going to be close by. I asked him what he thought about me and he said that I'm a cool girl to hangout with and thinks we hit it off. I have really started to like him and I want to see where things could go. there's a lot of sexual attraction, He literally can't keep his hands off me. But we do also have good conversation and fun together too.


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  • Of course he wants to bone, that is bro code.
    Guys like relationships too! I want to cuddle!
    If he nice guy and mature im sure he wants both.

    Its really hard to have a relationship with someone that isn't attractive, so even if priorities are not what we want, its still there.


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