How to tell if a guy is interested after a date?

There is a guy I went on a date with. We have dated before when we were younger and 5 years later we went on a date again. We have talked acouple times after the date on fb. But no text messages. I write him and he doesn't read them even though he has been online. I dont write him much at all. I think I have like 3 time total in 2 days. He works a lot so I understand why he doesn't answer in the day but why doesn't he open my messages when he's on. I feel like the answer is simple. But just would like second opinions. Thanks
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He has written me back acouple times about hanging out again but not today
Our date was two days ago
Acouple days ago I started to realize he was just not interested. Saturday when we were supposed to hang out he didn't write me untill 6:30 just to tell me sorry he didn't have any service. I found out he bought a car that day. Lol anyway for whatever reason it didn't work it, it doesn't matter, there are plenty more guys out there. Thanks everyone :)


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  • I don't think he's interested. I think he'd put more effort in contacting you if he was.


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  • I'll spin it the other way.. Some people are just really bad communicators, You should be able to guess how interested he is by what the two of you are like together in person.. On your date, where you feeling it? Or was it awkward?

    • The date went really well! We were talking and laughing the whole time

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    • Okay I will keep that in mind! Thank you. Ill give him some time.

    • Good luck hon, hope it all works out 👍👍

  • I'd give it a little time but based on what he's done so far I'd say he's not really interested. I'm shocked that anyone would reject a girl as beautiful as you though

  • Sometimes people don't get on FB too much. My wife doesn't, and she'll let notifications and messages go unread for days and even weeks.

    You might try texting him next time if you haven't already, but I see he wrote you back, so it looks like all is well.

    Have fun,

  • If he is interested he will show his interest by contacting, approaching etc you.
    N will ask for date.. again too.

  • i already answered this question with a mytake

  • He will want to rearrange another date with you and tell you personally himself.

  • Omfg you're are very hot :)


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