What's his deal? Am I being played?

We've been on about 3 dates now, and they've all gone really well. He's made it clear that he likes me and has told me that he things I'm amazing and beautiful. I've made it clear to him that I'm looking for something more real than casual, and he's said multiple times that he's not just looking to get laid or "pump and dump". When we're together we have a good time and it's comfortable. In between there's pretty heavy texting. Although for the day before our date last night there was also so pretty heavy sexting. We met to watch a movie with some wine at my place last night and one thing led to another. Afterwards we cuddled a bit and chatted for a while. He asked when he could see me again and said the sooner the better. So we arranged to meet on Friday . I didn't hear from him until tonight, which I thought was a bit odd as after the previous 2 dates he had texted to say he'd had a really good time. After he text tonight we text a few more times, with him asking me questions about what I was doing tonight, where I was going etc. But his responses were still pretty short. I made a comment about how we should do something next week and he said it'd be really nice. I replied saying that I'd had fun the night before and it'd be nice to get to know him more. He hasn't replied that at all and it's been a few hours. Usually he replies instantly. He's never not replied. Has he lost interest? Did he just get what he wanted and that's that? How can I find out? I feel slightly like I've been played. But at the same time I feel like he said and did a lot of things that he didn't need to if he just wanted sex? How can I know what he wants from me?


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  • Don't have sex with him for awhile. Usually if guys just are using a girl for sex they won't wait very long for her. Not responding doesn't mean he's not interested. He could just be busy or he could've fallen asleep or any number of things. My gf thought I was ignoring her today but I actually tried to take a 30 minute nap and woke up 4 hours later


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  • I had the same question recently. And the best way I took control of this insecurity was to approach it as not what I am looking for but how I'm feeling about all of this. Obviously you have to use some social awareness and judge his character as you are talking to him.


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  • I think you should just be open and ask him if everything is okay


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