How Many chances?

How Many chances will you give a guy if he screws up? and over what time span?
I met this girl at a party a while ago like 2 months ago, we danced talked a bit and that was that, supposedly she was looking for me at the end of the night... but i had left early :/

Then i saw her at the dinning hall a few weeks later re-introduced myself and ate dinner with her and her friend...

The next time i saw her Eating i sat down with her and talked a bit and everything was cool

The next time i saw her she invited me to eat with her and her friends but i had a test in 20minutes
at first i said yes... but then i quickly told her sorry i can't and hurried away

i saw her while i was talking to an other girl and we locked eyes and she seemed... I don't know... like i didn't like her or something

About a week ago she was knocking on everyones door for charity or something, but i was about to enter the shower so all i had was my towel around my waist... So i opened the door saw her and slammed the door!
I quickly opened it back up and told her sorry :/ and gave her a wad of cash probably like 7 dollars lol!

today i saw her on the bus and was too nervous to say hello
Do you think i still gotta shot with her?


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  • I think if you try and have a civil conversation she will understand. Cuz right now you like a nervous guy who doesn't know how to act around her! 😉

    • you are right girl... I don't know if she will even give me another chance!

    • Be confident about it. If this is all pretty recent than I think you still have a shot but you have to make your feelings known clearly. Right now is be confused too.

    • Thanks!!!
      i have nothing left to lose need to be straight forward

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  • Lol you're so adorable. I wouldn't say that all is lost. The next time. you see her, actually speak to her! Tell her you've been meaning to ask for her number. If she's in school like you then she'll understand the hectic lifestyle. She seems to have some interest in you. Although I don't know how long it's gonna last what with you acting all shy and stuff. Put on your big boy undies and get it done!

    • HAHA! thaanks! <3
      you just made me feel confident!
      hopefully i will see her tomorrow

      She is always with like a group of girls which makes it really hard to approach her... she might think i am a weirdo at this point...


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    • gotta try... got to try!

  • yes, i think so. Just talk to her, she'll understand :)

    • hopefully she will!
      she is real pretty... she might have a BF by now!
      everytime i see her i get so nervous i want to vomit!
      I have written poems about her too! which is weird... but I don't know how to deal :/

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    • i think i made her wait too long... i always do this =(
      I don't know i am gonna give it a try thanks!

    • just talk to her :) you're welcome :D

  • depends. either one or none.

    • damn...
      i really screwed up... she is so awesome... sigh...

    • You never know unless you talk to her bub. It wouldn't hurt to try, but it just sounds like you've been running into one another and neither of you have acknowledged your encounter at the party.

    • thats kind of what its like... i need to man up and go for it thanks!

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