Girls and guys: first date, can you all give some advice? details below?

i had never heard of the girl or met her, and then the girlfriend of my friend says to me "hey my friend saw your facebook page and she thinks you're cute"

i asked a few questions about her to see what she's like and she's a good girl. has some issues but who doesnt?

we were supposed to hang out today on a double date but then her dad got into a car accident.

where we're at now is we haven't talked at all and i dont have her phone number.

so basically square one, no contact at all, and her dad just car accident.

advice on how to tread lightly?
first date advice?
i want to send flowers but afraid of being misunderstood. thoughts?


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  • Find her on facebook and take her to coffee so you can talk and get to know each other, if its awkward you can easily cut it short, if you hit it off you can sit in a coffee shop and talk for as long as you want or easily transition elsewhere.

    • that sounds like a good idea. i like the transition idea and what not.

    • Exactly, if you think coffee is too lame and want to do something more exciting you can easily make a suggestion after youve felt out the situation.

    • im thinking coffee, then minigolf and then restaurant. thoughts?

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