When is the right time to ask them out or tell them how I feel?

Not really the most experineced guy ever but i am quite smart and have a little experience , but the thing is... will physically speaking i think i look really good ( based on others opinion and mine , maybe a little biased but... yeah ) I had a class with a lot of girls and i ended up getting close to few i really like one girl and seemed to have an interest in me even looking sometimes but she had a bf so a big no no for me , and another girl that didn't seem that interested at first started checking me out and after a while of looks and stuf i actually asked her out but she rejected me saying its a really bad time for her... i also asked another girl out that would always look at me and even stare my friends said that seh seems to like me so i asked her out but never got an answer from her , and there is this girl that i've been seeing , been on a couple of dates with her and after a lot of flirting and talking and hanging out i told her that i like her and to my surprise she rejected the hell out of me saying that at this point of her life a realtionship is not possible !! i mean WHAT THE HELL GIRL I touched your back, legs, breats, face... etc we flirted a hell lot of times and talked for hours everyday and now you're telling me no? also another girl told my friend that i look really good and he suggested i try talking to her , i did and said that she doesn't know me therefore can't talk to me... not quite sure what's going on with these girls but its making me really uncomfortable talking to girls after such experiences , what do you advise me to do?


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  • Do each of these girls know that you've asked numerous other girls out aswell?
    From a female's perspective, when I see a guy asking numerous girls out, it makes me assume that he is not serious about me, or anyone at the moment, and is after something more physical.
    When a guy only persues one girl in particular, and gets to know her slowly, without flirting with other girls, then I will have the impression that he is serious, thus I am much more likely to accept his advances, and take him seriously.
    And even if you haven't made it public that you've asked out each of these girls, girls do "talk", so it's likely that they all know that they're not the only one.
    And believe me, girls like to feel that they are the only one, it makes them feel wanted, and valued.
    My advice would be to slow down, don't place your pride in your looks (girls can easily tell when a guy does), just be friends with girls for a while, and see if there is a particular girl that you get on with, and if so, slowly get to know her... listen to her, show interest in her, show that you care, and that you are serious about her, and do not flirt with other girls, and after some time, when you have got to know her better... ask her out.
    All the best!

    • well I don't know if they know who i asked out and who i didn't , but since one of them is from Europe and the other two are from different towns so i guess no.

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    • What are these bad things others are saying about you? Why would people be saying bad things about you?
      Well I guess the best thing you can do is keep trying. We all get rejected much more than we'd like to admit, and it hurts, but it also leads us to appreciating relationships when they finally do work out.

    • Well the things were that i am a player and just want to sleep with her and throw her away (not true and explained that to her ) and the reason people were talking about me is that some guy likes her and wants to date her so he's sabotaging our realtionship ( or sabotaged since he managed to do it )

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  • Now or never just do it and rip it off like a bandaid


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