What do you think about an attractive guy who never had a girlfriend?

What do you girls think of a guy who is attractive ( not exaggerating either xD ) and has never had a girlfriend?

This is just some back story not to sound like a complete jackass in my question since you can't read minds or can you hmmmmmm lol xD I'm asking this because I was fat most of my middle school and high school year and never had a girlfriend (even overweight girls were disgusted by my presence lol ) and now that I've lost all this weight and got quite "buff" (from what my cousins said to me after a couple of months of not seeing them xD) I think most Women are really careful around me thinking I'll just sleep with them and leave them because I am now confident and able to flirt with women (not assholeish way just comfortable in my own skin) and to give an example of this potato's life I really liked this cute nerdy girl in my class and we were going to hangout so we can get to know each other a bit more but she flaked out on me eventhough she messaged me back really interested in the idea I messaged her 3 times spread within the week (so I won't creep her out lol) to know what happened and if she was still interested and never replied so I just took it a just a polite rejection I did the same with another girl in my astronomy class the only difference was that she had a bad attitude towards me I haven't told any women about my past since I haven't gotten really close to anyone yet and its only been a year I've been like this or 2 college semesters xD so what's your thoughts on this potato in trouble


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  • They weren't interested. You should move on.


What Guys Said 1

  • I feel you, mate! If you're unattractive, girls won't date you. If you're attractive, they STILL don't date you because they ASSUME that you only want sex. Their kind is REALLY hard to please.

    I can see that you're still young, so don't lose hope yet. Believe me, there ARE sensible girls. You just need to look hard enough for them. Hopefully you'll soon get to date a really wonderful girls. Good luck! :)


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