Is he not attracted to me?

So I've been on 3 dates with a guy and usually im use to them kissing me on 2-3 date but this guy hasn't kissed me yet, i went out with him last night and it was a great night but nothing...
i met him on tinder, he seems like a really nice and respectable guy


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  • It could be he is a bit of a shy guy here, dear, give him time. Or he could be taking his time, wanting to First nurture and nurse what you both have started, not rushing into anything right now.
    If you go on a few more 'Dates,' and no lip locking, try giving him a peck on his cheek and see where this goes, as to where you stand and what's up... he could be into friendship and nothing More in Store.
    Online or Off, makes no difference, guys still have tickers and thinking caps as to what they are looking for in a girl.
    Good luck. xx


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  • That could be it.. He is being respectful..
    3 dates, he is definitely interested, maybe just shy to make a move

    • Could be timing aswell, has he had the opportunity or privacy to make a move?

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