Guys, why won't he leave me alone? He has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tendency?

I'm going to try to make it short.
I liked a guy, he liked someone else. I was hurt. That's a year ago. I'm over him. We live in two different part of the country, I'm from a very small country. But we got many mutual friends.

He act like he's interested, he stares, overhears my conversations, his body is often turned towards me. I've just realized that he is insecure about me and things that involves me.

However when he's drunk he makes out and sleeps with other girls. He has two different personalities.
He tend to trash talk the girls he been with or from his past, when I'm nearby him. He didn't trash talk a year ago, he would brag and be like "I'm totally going to write to her". Now he got a "hell no, I'm not going to contact her" attitude.

It's fine he want to have sex and all that, but could he not leave me alone then? Why is he doing all those things, if he doesn't like me? Why is he trash talking these girls when I'm around?

I'm really confused because of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tendency he has.


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  • Maybe he likes you and has no social/communication skills to deal with it? Maybe he's a controlling bastard who likes to keep women off balance?

    Either way, I'd keep your distance :p

  • Are you sure he doesn't like you? Maybe he does

    • I'm not completely sure. He never said he doesn't like me. But his actions are contradicting each other. He acts like he likes me, when he's sober. When he's really drunk he's on a hunt for sex.

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