How to ask a girl out?

i like this girl and we have been talking a lot and she's showing signs that she wants me to ask her to be my girlfriend or go out on a date or something like that but i dont have the balls to ask her out please help me


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  • Just remember this girl is probably as nervous as you are! If she's showing signs that she likes you, you should just go for it. What's the worst that can happen? She says no and she misses out on going out with a great person. Her loss.
    Just find a good time and place where you two can be alone and/or uninterrupted (I would also suggest asking when she's not upset or angry etc.).
    Just have a nice conversation first- talk about your usual stuff and then (depending on how brave you're feeling) just introduce the idea and see how she responds...
    The worst things you can do is
    1. Get someone else to ask for you.
    2. Do it over text- unless you're really really really terrified then you could probably get away with 'If I asked you out [insert time]... what would you say?'
    Remember she likes you too and if you don't ask you don't get!
    Trust me I've been in your position.
    Hope this helped! Good Luck!
    Lucy xx


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